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$50.00 USD

ACDA Eastern Region Conference

March 4-7, 2020 • Rochester, NY


  • The director of an ensemble applying for choral performance at an ACDA conference must be a current member of ACDA; membership shall not expire on or before the last day of the conference.
  • The director of the ensemble must have been employed in the same position for no less than three consecutive years. 
  • No ensemble or director may appear at successive national or successive regional conferences. Ensembles that appear at a national conference may audition and appear at the following region conference and vice versa. Directors that appeared as a demonstration choir are exempt from this rule.

We seek to represent the primary ACDA Repertoire and Resource areas—Youth, Collegiate, Lifelong, and Repertoire-Specific (Equity & Justice, Men’s/TTBB, Women’s/SSAA, Jazz, Ethnic, Contemporary/Commercial)—with a diverse, broad representation of our 21st-century choral art, and we invite audition recordings from choirs of all age levels, specializations (e.g. Gospel, Barbershop), or renown, including ensembles that represent historically underrepresented populations. Innovative and inspiring programming reflective of the choir’s strengths should be the cornerstone of the proposed program.   

ACDA assumes no financial responsibility for performer travel, food, or lodging. By submitting an application to perform, you consent to being audio and video recorded with no financial compensation from ACDA or the recording company if chosen to perform in the convention. 

Concert Venues

Auditioned choirs will perform in one of two venues: Downtown United Presbyterian Church (DUPC) or in the performance hall at the Hochstein School of Music and Dance (Hochstein). Two grand pianos and a Fisk tracker organ are available at DUPC. Two grand pianos are available at Hochstein. Click here for pictures of both venues. Accepted choirs will be able to request a preferred venue, but ACDA cannot guarantee that choirs will be placed in the choir's preferred venue. ACDA is not responsible for providing additional instruments or equipment.